Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Lens Cover Review – The Best Add On Lens for your S7?

Product Name: Samsung Galaxy S7 / S7 Edge Lens Cover
Brand: Samsung
Features: Samsung’s own premium lenses for the S7 / S7 Edge smartphones, comes with premium case

Both the Samsung S7 and S7 Edge feature amazing improved cameras. For those of us who are into mobile phone photography, sometimes we see enthusiasts adding these “clip-on” or custom made lenses to their iPhones or Samsung phones that add fish eye, wide angle or telephoto capabilities. 

Samsung has produced their own set of add on lenses. These are the first set of lenses that Samsung has produced for their mobile phones.

These include a robust non slip phone case, 1 wide angle lens and 1 telephoto lens. Both come in a plastic case and can be screw onto the included case via a metal mount.

Being a mobile phone photography enthusiast myself, I have recently bought the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Lens Cover while it was on offer and here are my thoughts. The Samsung S7 Lens Cover is the same except the case is meant for the Samsung S7.

Technical Specifications

Case Colour – Black | Dimension (WxHxD) – 76 x 154 x 12 mm | Weight – 31 g | Type – Protective Cover

Wide Angle Lens – 108° | Magnification – 0.63X | Dimension (ΦxH) – 39.6 x 21.5 mm | Weight – 37 g | Color – Silver

Telephoto Lens Angle – 45° | Magnification – 2X | Dimension (ΦxH) – 39.6 x 30.8 mm | Weight – 51 g | Color – Silver

Case Quality

The case is black (only colour available now), with leather feel like texture on the outside, while the interior has a velvety feel so that it will not scratch your phone.

It is slightly thicker than the normal Samsung transparent case, but due to its texture it provides a better grip. The lens mount is metal and there are indicators on the lens to align and screw on the lens.

Lens Quality

Both lenses are created using aluminum housing and feature very high quality optical glass. Each lens comes with its own plastic container, lens cover and clearly labelled. The two lens containers can be combined together. 

Picture Quality

Both lenses are an extension of the built in lens itself. Photographs taken using either lens turn out to be the same quality as the original lens. The wide angle lens captures a lot more of the landscape. There is a very slight distortion however if space is a constraint for you and you are not able to move backwards to capture an entire scene, mount this lens on.

Using the wide angle lens with the Samsung S7’s rear selfie camera mode allows me to take bigger group selfies without the use of a selfie stick.

The telephoto lens adds a 2x optical zoom to photographs. See the resized samples below:


Should you get these lens? With the current pricing at $150, it is considered expensive. Having the lens does not mean you will get better pictures,  but both lenses provide you the freedom to express your creativity. They are easy to carry around in their own casings. The provided case is also good quality and the velvet interior prevents your phone from scratches. As you can see for yourself, the picture quality is superb.

However since they are premium high quality lenses, I will expect at least a good quality lens cloth to be provided as part of the package, the lenses do get fingerprints or smudges easily, so a lens cloth will really come in handy. I have to use my own lens cloth.

One of the issues I discovered while using both lenses is this: With either lens mounted, your phone’s LED flash will be blocked. Due to the design and size of the lens, they extend out of the phone body and thus will block the LED flash. Take note if you intend to use flash at night.

Suggested improvements to the next version:

It is difficult to place the phone with the lens mounted back into the jeans pocket. One suggestion is to allow a lanyard to be tied to the phone casing, so that we can hang the phone over our necks.

Perhaps the new version can have the flash capability added too, in the form of a external ring LED light channeled by firing the LED flash. The concept is similar to Canon’s EF-M 28mm Macro Lens.


Very high quality lenses and well built 

Great textured case

Very good quality pictures



No lens cloth for such premium lenses (my personal opinion)

Mounted lens will block the LED flash

If you want the best add-on lenses for your Samsung S7 or S7 Edge, the Samsung S7 Edge Lens Cover is the one to get.