Almost everyone owns a smartphone now, we have come a long way since the Nokia/Blackberry days. The smartphone market is dominated by Apple (iOS) or Samsung/LG/Huawei (Android) based smart phones. Do you know how to maximize the potential and usage of your phone or do you just use it to make phone calls, check Facebook/Instagram only?

The smartphone has become an essential communication tool. It now connects anyone, globally, easily. With the Apps and Play Store, what you can do with your phone is only limited by your imagination.

The main purpose of the site is to review mobile phones and mobile phone accessories for Android-based Samsung. This site will also offer tips and tricks for using Samsung phones.

It is my vision that you will learn to make full use or at least learnt to do more on your phone through this website. Some of you maybe surprised at what your smartphone can actually accomplish.

Happy browsing & see you around!

Apple's iPhone and Samsung's Galaxy S7 smartphones

Apple’s iPhone and Samsung’s Galaxy S7 smartphones